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Wigan slam Shaun Edwards

Shaun Edwards’ u-turn after previously agreeing a ‘verbal’ deal with Wigan has been one of the main talking points for the past few seasons.

And, Ian Lenagan brought up the issue at a Wigan fans’ forum over a week ago, detailing what went wrong.

“There are a lot of people involved in Wigan, asking about what went wrong with Shaun Edwards. One of the issues that was connected with that was a handshake,” Lenagan said.

“I’ve done deals in business for many, many years. Some of them are done on handshakes. Some of them are done on signed contracts. People sign contracts these days and at the time they intend to fulfil them. But the circumstances change so they change.

“Normally, if I’ve signed a contract with somebody of the integrity that I always believe Shaun had, you would have seen it happen, it didn’t in this particular case. And that’s unfortunate.

“He will still be a great icon to me. I like him still as a person. But I regret the fact that we didn’t have him as a Wigan coach.

“But I would like to put it to bed with what we’re saying here this evening, without putting it all out on media or elsewhere, I just want to get rid of it so we can move on to some of the decisions.”

Kris Radlinski also waded into the debate on the night.

“We were hearing rumours left, right and centre about him changing his mind but he never communicated these once with us. We learn these through different media agencies the same way that you guys that.

“And then also there were other excuses brought up along the way, excuses like no signed contract, not being allowed to pick his staff, wanting to stay in rugby union. There were reasons and factors behind all of them and we took them all on the chin. At the end, Shaun wasn’t even communicating with us.

“He asked us to leave him and not contact him during the Six Nations. But he was talking to the media, and we were not allowed to defend ourselves. I think we could have done that better.”

This statement led Edwards to give his own version of events, criticising Wigan for the way in which they handled the situation and the limitations the club placed on his potential job.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Alex Ellis

    September 25, 2021 at 6:49 am

    They can keep him….shit house

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