Throwback Thursday: Wigan humiliate Bath in ‘Clash of the Codes’

Our latest Throwback Thursday takes us to 1996 when the domestic rugby champions of league and union did battle in the Clash of the Codes.

The historic event saw two 80-minute matches, one league and one union, with an aggregate score at the end of both games deciding the winners.

At the time Wigan boasted one of the greatest rugby league teams in history with star-studded names right across the field.

The first leg was rugby league rules and took place at Manchester City’s old home ground Maine Road.

A crowd of 20,000 predominantly league fans expected a big win for the Warriors and they were not disappointed.

Just over two week’s later the two sides met again at Twickenham, the home stadium of the England rugby union team.

After their heavy defeat up North, 42,000 rugby union fans were expecting revenge and to close the 76-point aggregate deficit.

But unfortunately for them, Wigan were much better at the 15-code game than Bath proved at the 13-code variety.

Although the Warriors were still convincingly beaten 44-19, they won by an emphatic aggregate score of 101-50 over the 160 minutes to claim the inaugural Clash of the Codes title.

Credit: Sky TV,

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