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‘A bit overweight’ – Wigan explain where it went wrong with Burgess

George Burgess signing for Wigan on a marquee contract was supposed to be one of the signings of the season when he arrived for the start of the 2020 Super League season.

Unfortunately, after eight appearances for the Warriors, the rampaging prop forward would not play again all season.

Surgery was needed on a recurring hip injury and that led to the termination of his contract at Wigan – something which the Warriors General Manager Kris Radlinski believed was necessary.

However, that surgery was a result of Wigan working him hard after Burgess turned up to the DW Stadium ‘a bit overweight’.

“When George first came to us, he was met with universal praise. This is the kind of bloke we need to be signing,” Radlinski said.

“Truth be known, he turned up a bit overweight, and we worked him hard. He openly admitted that it was his toughest pre-season ever.

“And during that period, we probably did a little bit more damage to his body. And in his efforts to remove some of the weight, he got a hip injury, which required very, very invasive surgery which he has now had.

“When we decided that we needed to terminate George’s contract we have to say that he did the right thing by the Club there. He could have gone down a different route, but he did the right thing by the Club.”

Radlinski and the rest of Wigan wished Burgess well for the future, but admitted the club’s mistakes.

“And I think it actually helps us and helps you guys understand that the fact he’s gone on to secure an NRL contract means is not a crock, I want him to go there and I want him to play well, and it will prove that he’s a good player and he’s got life in him.

“We could have done things a little bit differently at the start, and we have to reflect on that and think how we could have managed him better. So that’s one on us.”



  1. David johnson

    September 6, 2021 at 1:19 pm

    This is not the truth the real story is the management bought him with dogy hips didn’t av a medical prior to bringing him into the Wigan club and were told this by the Co ditioning staff from the beginning of him joining the Wigan club. That he was a bad sign g due to these medical problems that were well known by the Conditioners and the club management and senior coach were advised accordingly by way of a detailed report presented to them with weeks of his signing

  2. David johnson

    September 6, 2021 at 1:25 pm

    This story by Kris Radlinski is nothing more than a smoke screen in an effort to deflect the blame from the senior management at Wigan who made a big mistake on this signing but refuse admit ther naive approach in there efforts of mako g abignamed signing that flopped due not being prepared to have medical on this individual that’s the truth

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