Why Leeds Rhinos star Blake Austin only signs one year deals

When Leeds Rhinos announced the signing of Blake Austin last year even though they had Luke Gale contracted to 2022 and Aidan Sezer signed on, which is why many were surprised. 

People were even more surprised by the fact he’d only signed a one-year deal – an abnormality in modern rugby league.

He has since signed an extension which will see him remain at Headingley in 2023 but once again it’s just a one year deal.

Speaking to Serious About Rugby League earlier this year Blake Austin, the stand-off explained why he’s more than happy to sign one-year deals at this stage of his career.

“Me personally I’m at an age where I’m really comfortable with the one-year deal,” Austin explained, “So I can make sure I’m pushing myself and enjoying my rugby.

“To stay another year is great. It’s such a big proud club, when I signed [the one year extension] I said I wanted to give the fans the chance to see me in a better light and I think I’m working towards that and hopefully it’ll be a big finish to the year.”

It remains to be seen what happens to Austin after next year but Leeds fans will be happy to know that he and Aidan Sezer will have more time to develop their partnership which has been derailed at a number of junctures by injuries and the like.

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