Why it took a week to determine Super League star’s Grade F charge

It has been confirmed that Warrington Wolves star Josh McGuire could face a huge ban at a tribunal tomorrow.

This was not because of anything that happened over the weekend but in a rare incident for something that happened the previous week.

This comes after last week when McGuire was “referred for further investigation” after he was cited for “unacceptable language.”

Now it has been confirmed that McGuire could face a huge ban for this offence.

This comes after he was charged by the Match Review Panel this week with a Grade F charge.

He will be referred to a tribunal tomorrow that will determine whether he will serve a ban.

McGuire was suspended for a huge seven games after a red card in pre-season against Leigh Leopards in which he was deemed to have used unacceptable language.

However, you might question why it has taken a week to determine whether McGuire’s case deserved a charge.

Well, last week it was confirmed to Serious About Rugby League that the charge was dependent on evidence from Leigh Leopards as an RFL spokesperson explained:

“Leigh Leopards have until close of play tomorrow (last Tuesday) to make any submissions.

“So it would be next week before it’s considered – if there is a charge and that depends on Leigh.”

That evidence was clearly provided leading to a charge amongst the Magic Weekend suspensions.

McGuire didn’t feature at the event against Hull FC due to a knock according to Daryl Powell.