Why does rugby league constantly feel the need to compare to others?

Over the weekend, many will have seen the clip of Jonny May scoring a try for England during a Six Nations match against Italy.

Whilst we can all appreciate it was a good finish, it is something we have been spoilt with in recent years thanks to the likes of Tommy Makinson and Tom Johnstone.

However, on social media, fans were keen to point out it was something seen regularly in rugby league. This is a trend that always seems to happen with rugby union.

For some reason, rugby league fans love to compare the two sports as though they are exactly the same. League may have originated from Union, but that is about the only similarity.

The big difference between the sports is how they are marketed. It feels as though in every department, union has a bigger reach than league.

We have a very good game, but sadly we just cannot seem to get the game onto a bigger stage at this time.

I think everyone needs to get the chip off their shoulders when it comes to rugby union. If we can just focus on getting the bigger reach for the game, we can get the game where we want it to be.

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