Whitehaven rub salt in Workington wounds with ‘Pryceless’ tweet

For the second time this year, a late conversion decided the Cumbrian derby as Whitehaven beat local rivals Workington Town 24-22.

Dan Abram was the hero of the hour once again with a touchline conversion, silencing the home crowd and sending the travelling supporters into delirium.

Abram kicked a conversion from a similar distance, also after the hooter, in the Easter game against Workington.

There were great scenes on social media too with Whitehaven coach Carl Forster having his own chant created, inspired by the Atomic Kitten-Gareth Southgate phenomenon.

And Haven’s own official Twitter account haven’t shied away from giving the opposition some grief – with Town coach Leon Pryce copping most of it.

The next Cumbrian derby episode should be interesting!