When IMG will release their grading criteria for Super League

This week is a huge week for rugby league.

Because this week IMG will release their licencing criteria for Super League moving forward as their re-imagining of Super League will see the return of licencing.

Clubs will then vote on the criteria six weeks after.

This criteria will be revealed on Thursday around 13:00.

However, it is important to be aware that though this criteria will be revealed now and there will be a score in the Summer, this is a dummy run and the first important score will come ahead of the 2025 season.

This was confirmed recently by RL Commercial:

“What we’re forgetting a little bit is that it’s a dry run in the first year. So yes clubs will have a score on the criteria in June/July of 2023 but actually it doesn’t kick in till the 2025 season.

“So there is actually still time for clubs to continue to work hard and improve their standards, both on and off the field, to actually get their first proper grading, as opposed to their dummy run grading.

“From that perspective I think it provides clubs a good lead-in time to aspire to be an A grade club. We know there will be some A grade and there will be some B grade clubs in the Super League competition, there will be some B grades in the Championship and that can only be a good thing for the sport if we have people striving to be better.

“I’d also say that doesn’t mean those Grade A clubs can just sit on their laurels, we want those Grade A clubs to become Grade A Star clubs and I think that’s the message that has started and needs to continue to get through.”

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