Lies and whispers: The story of Leichhardt’s collapse

Wests Tigers players leaving

In arguably the most controversial news since the 2002 Bulldogs salary cap scandal, the Wests Tigers have all but lost their “Big 4”, putting the club back almost a decade.

Who is to blame? Let’s start with the board. They were clearly out of their depths when it came to running this club. How they allowed their top 4 players to come off contract is beyond comprehension. The player manager involved must also share the blame as he held the club to ransom. His association with the Football “guru” whisperer, and the unnecessary pressure it put on the previous coaching staff must be investigated.

Who are the winners? I would have to say the Parramatta Eels and Sydney Roosters. With Parramatta signing a young flamboyant playmaker and the Sydney Roosters signing one of the most exciting players in the game.

Who are the losers? Obviously the Tigers. Having only managed to sign the least talented of the “big 4”, they must now rebuild from the ground up. The Bulldogs may also fall into this category as it is my opinion that Aaron Woods does not fit into the historically hard man front row forward mould the fans have come to expect for decades. He will soon feel the brunt of the Canterbury faithful.

I guess what concerns me the most out of this story is the way in which Aaron Woods lied to the fans when questioned about why they hadn’t re-signed, stating the coaching uncertainty had to be addressed. The club appointed a very capable coach, yet they still managed to leave Leichhardt. Whatever happened behind the scenes at this club the past few seasons may never be truthfully told, however with all of this now history, it will be a stain forever on the club’s proud history.