“We’re not going to be down about this loss” – Steve McNamara responds to Warrington defeat

Catalans were unbeaten going into today’s tussle with Warrington. Many fancied the Dragons to maintain their 100% start to the season following in the footsteps of St Helens and Wigan.

However it turned into a curious loss at the hands of the up and down Wolves. After dominating the first half an hour the game got away from Catalans in a few key moments and Steve McNamara addressed why he felt his side came up short after such a good start to the season.

“We’re all disappointed with not getting the win and not quite playing as smooth as we have done. It was a really tough game.

“Just like we didn’t overreact to our victories, we’re not going to overreact to that loss. The effort was there. The intent was there from the team. We were just a little bit off the mark and it only takes that little bit to be off the mark and that was most of our individuals. We just weren’t able to get the victory in the end.”

Despite losing their 100% start and allowing a potential rival to take home the two league points, McNamara identified some major positives in the performance as they look to push for honours in 2021: “The real positive for both teams was defensively. I know we conceded 24 points but they were strange points. I think both teams will be happy with how they defended overall. We didn’t look like we were going to get broken on too many plays. On the other side I thought we did look like we were going to break Warrington at times but we just missed some of those opportunities.

“It was just one of those games for us. It’s not something that we like but we’re not going to get too down about this loss.”

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