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“We will be back” – Toulouse Olympique release fantastic response to relegation as they hint at things they’d like to change

Toulouse have released an emotional response to their relegation on Twitter this morning.

It a heart warming and defiant response to their relegation opening up on their disappointment over relegation, their poor start but also “the thrill, the challenge, the suspense, the stadium atmosphere and the standards” in the top tier.

However, they have, somewhat in jest, pointed out some of the things they’re not overly fond of such as the short turnarounds, the weather and at tomes the travel.

They’ve thanked people for their support and outlined their intentions to return to the top flight in the coming years.

Here’s the statement in full:

“Dear Super League,

“Well, what a wild ride!

“Although the season did not finish as we expected it to – definitely not like we wanted to – we will
take with us so many learnings and a valuable experience.

“We are not going to lie, we are not particularly fond of the 3-day trips, the delayed planes, the long
wait at airports, the late arrivals, the cost of 27 trips, the 3 games in 8 days schedule, the hail in
lovely Northern England, the coronavirus regulations,..

“But the show, the thrill, the challenge, the suspense, the stadium atmosphere and the standards
of the facilities, the clubs, the friends, the support felt from English fans – it’s simply obvious that
we love you and want to see you again very soon.

“The season did not really start the best it could have, and the plan we built to secure our spot in
Super League had to be completely changed. We are not feeling any remorse, maybe some
regrets with regards to a few games we feel we should have won and were close to… No, we feel

“For the amount of support we have received, whether it was at home through the fans, the
volunteers, the partners and friends who attended the games, or away, for the warm welcomes
and the many tokens of affection and support we received.

“So yes, we have had a lot of fun and we want to be part of you again, dear Super League, and
bring out even more of our ‘French Touch’ to keep you growing.

“You can count on us to be even more combative, determined, relentless, motivated, hooked,
spectacular… and overall just happy to see you again!

“A massive heart-felt T H A N K YOU and à bientôt.

“We will be back.”

A fantastic and positive response to disappointment from the French side, but also a reminder of a few things IMG and rugby league need to amend such as the short turnarounds and making travel less of a factor for both French sides as well as the English clubs journeying to face them.

Overall, it is a reminder that rugby league in France is still on the up.

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