“We just cannot be making those mistakes” – Kristian Woolf questions disallowed try

Last night Challenge Cup winners St Helens came up with an impressive win at Hull. However, that didn’t stop Head Coach Kristian Woolf questioning the call to disallow Kevin Naiqama’s try during the first half.

The Saints led 16-0 at that stage and though they went onto win 42-10, Woolf was disappointed Naiqama was denied a try to extend their lead.

Naiqama simply picked up a loose ball after Adam Swift knocked the ball forwards from a high kick but the try was ruled out as Tom Makinson was ruled to have taken Swift in mid-air.

Having his say on the incident, Woolf said, “I thought the Kevin Naiqama disallowed try in the first half did alter the match slightly.

“I am not quite sure what Tom Makinson was exactly supposed to do there as I thought that was a fair contest. I cannot see how he got a tackle in the air which is what the call was, particularly when it was called a try on the field.

“We will get the opportunity to look back over it with the video referee. We just need to get that right. There have been a couple of things where the past couple of nights as well as weeks that we have not got right.

“They are such important calls. If you look at that, we were 16-0 up and the opportunity to go to 22-0 up but then all of a sudden they get a penalty kick which takes them down field and then on the back of one of our errors, they end up with a try.

It was a big momentum swift and it would be really good if we got that right. All of the technology available, we just cannot be making those mistakes.

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Bob Hill
Bob Hill
1 year ago

Kendall isn’t good enough to be a first grade ref..He and Hicks need sacking asap!