‘We had just been flogged from pillar to post’ – Hull FC’s Josh Reynolds recalls standing up to former chairman during time in the NRL

Josh Reynolds has been at Hull FC for two years, but before that he was once one of the most high-profile NRL stars.

At Canterbury Bulldogs, he was nicknamed the ‘Prince of Belmore’ before making the move to Wests Tigers in a highly-publicised transfer.

Whilst at the Bulldogs, Reynolds endured a difficult last few seasons and recalled to the Sydney Morning Herald how he stood up to then chairman Ray Dib.

After a 38-0 loss to Penrith Panthers – their fourth loss in a row – Dib reminded the players of the sponsors they were about to lose after they plummeted to 14th on the ladder.

“F— your sponsors,” one player said.

“My heart was beating,” Reynolds confessed. “It was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done to stand up to our chairman.”

“But when we’re sitting there after losing four in a row, him coming in and questioning us, telling Des to leave – it was all a bit too much. To this day, I felt I had earned the right to speak up, given how long I’d been at that club.

“I’ve known Ray for a long time. I played with his son when we were kids. I looked up to Ray. I still do. But I said, ‘We’re in here, we’re the ones copping all this and you’re worried about everyone else. Why don’t you worry about us?’

“Look, I understand what the sponsors mean to the game. They are everything. But at that time, we had just been flogged from pillar to post. Journos were writing shit about us, no one coming to our games and had sponsors leaving.

“Really, I shouldn’t say that to my boss, but still, to this day, I don’t regret saying that. When you’re in a bad place like we were, we didn’t need to hear that.”

Reynolds has since revealed that he will always remember his time at Canterbury.

“I miss it. I miss being the Prince of Belmore. It’s f—ing silly even calling me that, but that’s how I felt. I loved it. I have been chasing that feeling ever since. It was the best time of my life.

“What the club and the fans and the area have done for my life – I’ll never be able to repay them. I’ll always be a Bulldog.”

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