WATCH: The worst tackle in Challenge Cup Final history – NO RED CARD!!

The 1969-70 Challenge Cup Final will always be remembered for one incident.

In the 18th minute Wigan full-back Colin Tyrer returned the ball and in the process of passing out wide, was hit by a flying elbow straight to the jaw.

Incredibly the culprit, Castleford scrum-half Keith Hepworth, escaped any punishment as referee Fred Lindop simply ticked off his name and awarded a penalty.

Tyrer was then carried from the field by his team-mates, visibly holding his broken jaw in place, as he received almost no medical attention and would play no further part in the game.

After the final, which Castleford won 7-2, the media didn’t hold back on referee Lindop as Hepworth avoided being the first player to be sent off in a Challenge Cup final.

The following year Leeds player Syd Hynes did become the first player to be sent off at Wembley for the famous ‘alleged’ incident involving Alex Murphy.

However, to this day, everyone, including Keith Hepworth himself, knows he should have held that unwanted honour for his savage tackle on Tyrer. Watch below…

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