Watch: Man Utd captain Harry Maguire makes fan’s day with Kevin Sinfield video call

Many of Kevin Sinfield’s greatest moments came at Manchester United’s Old Trafford and he can add another special moment to his memories after a touching moment with a special message for another Motor Neurone Disease warrior.

Sinfield captured the nation’s hearts when he carried his former team-mate and friend Rob Burrow over the finish line at the Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon on Sunday. Then this week he provided inspiration for Jordan, who was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2019 the same year as Burrow.

Manchester United were key to this inspiration. Jordan is a huge Man United fan and is part of the Manchester United Disabled Supporters Association (MUDSA), attending matches on the wheelchair platform with his dad at the Theatre of Dreams.

This week at the MUDSA annual official dinner, the club organised a special message from Sinfield, who has raised more than £7.5m for MND charities since the diagnosis of Burrow.  The video was played by club captain Harry Maguire and captured by BBC Breakfast at the start of the afternoon before Jordan met all his United heroes.

Maguire said as he played the video: “Jordan I have a very special message for you from Kev. He wanted to say a few words to you.

Sinfield said in his heartfelt message: ‘Jordan, I have heard your story, I have heard all about you. You are an amazing guy. Just like my mate Rob, you have inspired everyone who knows you with your fight, courage and bravery. You are a true champion.’

Jordan, through a computer he uses to communicate, responded: ‘Thanks for your message, Kevin. As you can see from my reaction it meant a lot to me. The work and effort you are putting in to raising funds for (those with) the illness and raising awareness is absolutely unreal. We all appreciate everything you do. Let’s get you that well-deserved knighthood.’

Jordan was diagnosed with MND in the summer of 2019 just months after Rob Burrow and in his personal message to Jordan, the inspirational Sinfield recognised the bravery of Jordan, a former soldier who served in Afghanistan, in his battle against the disease.

Sinfield has also pledged his running top – he promises it has been washed – from the Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon to Jordan, who can only communication via eye movements but despite his condition still follows United home and away.

Afterwards, Maguire said to BBC: “It was really emotional to see his reaction and how much it means.

“It was amazing by Kev at the weekend and it is really good that it has brought more eyes to it. It is incredible that everyone has seen it.

“Sportsmanship is a big part of football, it is so important that you help your teammates.”

Jordan’s father said: “He will always be Sir Kev to us in the MND community. He is very special to us, people didn’t really know about MND until him and Rob.”

You can now watch this lovely moment here:

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