WATCH: Amateur player given lifetime ban for sickening sucker punch

An amateur rugby league player from Lancashire has been given a lifetime ban for a sucker punch that sparked a mass brawl, report the Lancashire Post.

Callum Jones, of Salford-based club Langworthy Reds, was handed the suspension at Tuesday night’s North West Men’s League disciplinary hearing.

The incident occurred during the North West Men’s League Division 2 Final between Langworthy and Chorley Panthers where, at around the 70 minute mark, Jones had a disagreement with the Chorley number five during a play-the-ball.

The referee stopped play and called both players over, before Jones blindsided the opposition player with a punch to the face.

It resulted in a large scuffle and with Jones being red carded.

The RFL has confirmed that in addition to the charge of punching, Jones was found guilty of an additional charge of running in and punching an opponent who was off guard.

Stuart Prior, chairman of the North West Men’s League, said: “This was an appalling incident, which has been widely seen on social media, and it is therefore important that the punishment sends out the right message.

“Rugby League is a tough game, but there can never be any place for behaviour such as this. It will not be tolerated in the North West Men’s League.”

Skip to 1:16:00 in the video above to see the incident in full.

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