Warrington Wolves coach calls on Sam Burgess to address the squad

Warrington Wolves recently confirmed that former Leeds Rhinos and Castleford Tigers boss Daryl Powell is set to be replaced by Sam Burgess.

Burgess is perhaps the biggest name and best player produced by the British game in the 21st Century as he developed into perhaps the best forward on the planet at South Sydney Rabbitohs.

An icon and a legend at Souths, he is currently working as assistant coach at the club so won’t be taking charge at the Halliwell Jones until 2024.

Thus, Gary Chambers is in charge at the moment before he becomes full time Director of Rugby.

Chambers has been very impressed by Burgess’ involvement but has called on him to address the squad as a whole:

“He’s got round most players, he’s spoken to a number of players individually. As a group it’s something I’ll look at doing when he gets a bit more time.

“I’d like him to address the group at some time, he hasn’t addressed the full group.”

He revealed that Burgess has spoken to the spine however:

“He’s spoken to the spine, your 1s, your 6s, your 7s, your 9s, he’s spoken to them about some little wins that they can get without being too intrusive because he’s not on the ground and seeing what’s going on but he’s looked at our positions, both immediate and long term and he’s making notes on that, so he’s heavily invested in what we’re trying to do without being intrusive and just offering support.”

He is also offering Chambers advice:

“He’s looking at quick wins that would potentially help us now and maybe in the long term it might help him but his focus isn’t on what next year is just another set of eyes who’s offering some advice.

“He’s not on the ground like I said, but he’s someone who’s watching with a vested interest from afar and who wants to help and that’s perfect for us. There’s a number of things he’s sort of coming up with and what we’re looking at and different ways that we could potentially use our, say our marker systems through the field and little things like that and better ways that we can preserve our forwards’ energies and stuff, so he’s offering things like that.

“He’s not telling us a way to play; it’s just looking at different areas where we could potentially get some quick wins and some good golden threads that are gonna help us in what we’re trying to do.”

Chambers has been impressed by the commitment of the former Bradford Bulls man:

“His commitment over a short space of time has been nothing short of really impressive. He’s got time for everyone. The lads who he’s spoken to, when they come out of the meetings, in a real good place, he commands that sort of respect.

“It’s good to see that he’s able to impart that sort of knowledge and give that feel-good factor from a long way away. It’s impressive what he’s doing.”

Burgess is also set to provide his thoughts on Warrington’s game with Leeds:

“I’ll definitely ask him to give us a game debrief and we’ll take it to the senior team and seek their views because they’re the ones who have to lead on this.

“It’s a leadership model that we’re trying to present here and then we’ll look at some other things and maybe some suggestions there that maybe not, but we’ll utilise anything that’s valuable in there like we would with anyone. We have a vested interest in what we’re trying to do.”