Warrington Wolves CEO reveals the club’s 2023 expectations after surviving relegation battle

Warrington Wolves Chief Executive Karl Fitzpatrick has attempted to take the heat off the club’s players ahead of the 2023 Super League season.

It’s no secret that the Wolves had a massively below par year last year, even finding themselves in fear of relegation at one point during Daryl Powell’s first season as head coach.

The Wire eventually finished 11th and Powell has been given the licence to completely revamp his squad by the powers that be at the Halliwell Jones Stadium.

That means there’s been plenty of new faces in the door at the Halliwell Jones for the upcoming season with Catalans trio Sam Kasiano, Gil Dudson and Josh Drinkwater just three of the new boys.

One NRL signing is 2017 World Cup winner Josh McGuire and at a fan’s forum event that was recorded for the Wolves’ Official Podcast, both McGuire and Fitzpatrick were asked what would be classed as success in the 2023 campaign.

“We’ve had fantastic success in that (Challenge Cup) but not managed to get over the line in the Grand Final, despite us being their four times.” Fitzpatrick said.

“I think myself, the club and the performance staff have probably got to take the pressure off the players a little bit in terms of winning the big one.

“Of course we’re confident and excited with the squad we’ve assembled and we’ve got a real quality squad there but I don’t want to start throwing out statements saying ‘we’re going to win a grand final’ because I think it puts too much pressure on the club and on the players.”

Fitzpatrick summarised: “Success is challenging, we want to be up there and challenging; we just want to improve and I don’t think we can do much worse than last season.”

McGuire took a different approach and spoke on personal pride and more importantly fan pride being the measure of success.

“Success as a club is built within the culture but as it comes we have to provide a product that you guys are happy with.

“Whether we win or lose coming off that field if you guys are happy with what we’ve achieved and are proud of where we’ve come from then that’s the biggest thing.

“I’ve been a part of teams where the town gets behind them and it’s so contagious, it’s infectious and it goes through every member.

“If we walk off that field at the end of the year and you guys know we’ve done everything in our power to achieve something and you want to come back and be members to support us the next year then that’s success in my opinion.”

Fitzpatrick further explained what they feel the town and sense of community means, something the Wolves are taking a keen focus on here as reported here.

He stated: “Daryl and I have been speaking a lot on what do we want the team to represent, in terms of wanting to represent the community. From my perspective and Daryl, and the guys and the staff, it’s hard work, that’s what the town represents.”

Speaking on the success of industries in the town, Fitzpatrick explained: “It’s all been built on hard work, hard graft and sacrifice and that’s what we want the team to represent this season.”

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