Warrington Wolves boss Daryl Powell explains why his side were able to beat Hull FC

Warrington Wolves finally curbed a five-match losing run with a 4-0 win over Hull FC.

It wasn’t the prettiest of games – far from it – but it showed that the Wolves players are fighting tooth and nail for each other all the way.

Warrington had to repel numerous sets from Hull on their own line as the Black and Whites tried desperately to knock down the door as the game wore on.

But, Daryl Powell’s men stood firm and embraced each other when the final whistle blew, much to the joy of the majority of those inside the Halliwell Jones Stadium.

For Powell, however, it wasn’t the greatest of games but he was delighted to get the two points.

“I think they were two nervous teams, they’ve lost a couple and it’s been really hard with all the breaks,” Powell said on Sky Sports after the game.

“I don’t think I’ve been through as tough a period in my coaching career, but I thought we were tough tonight, it wasn’t a great game as there were too many.

“But we nilled a team for the first time as well and we just needed to win.”

Powell also complimented the fans, but called on his players to improve in attack.

“I thought the fans were awesome tonight you could feel how nervous it was in the first-half but we played better in the second and hopefully we can chill out now.

“We will get some confidence defensively, there is about 95% improvement with the ball in hand and all that nervous energy comes out. i

“It’s so hard when you feel under pressure on a rugby league field.

“We’ve got to relax but the more I keep saying it the more it can be counterproductive at times.”

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9 months ago

You didn’t beat us child the clown did laying on at every play the ball three an four men your finished as a good coach