Warrington Wolves and Daryl Powell hit with huge blow

Warrington Wolves and Daryl Powell have been hit with a huge blow tonight in their fixture against Toulouse Olympique.

Oliver Holmes had broken the deadlock before Matty Nicholson suffered an injury to go straight down the tunnel as Powell looked to tinker with his side.

It didn’t seem to affect the Wolves too much, though, as Connor Wrench scored in the corner.

Before the game, Powell said: “It will give us breathing space. I think it’s important we play the game and not the situation. We need to relax and we need our good players to play to their potential,” Powell said live on Sky Sports.

“I need to relax myself, the players have had a relaxing week, we knew what was coming with the weather and, so, we’ve got energy in the legs we have had a short week.

“You think about this all the time it’s just how you are in front of your players. We just need to perform and play well.”

This is how both sides lined up for this clash with Chris Kendall as the referee.

Warrington Wolves

36 Matt Dufty
23 Connor Wrench
3 Peter Mata’utia
34 Jake Wardle
5 Matty Ashton
1 Stefan Ratchford
7 George Williams
15 Joe Bullock
9 Daryl Clark
20 James Harrison
11 Ben Currie
35 Matty Nicholson
12 Oliver Holmes
14 Jason Clark
16 Danny Walker
19 Robbie Mulhern
37 Thomas Mikaele

Toulouse Olympique

27 Olly Ashall-Bott
2 Latrell Schaumkel
4 Mathieu Jussaume
21 Chris Hankinson
25 Matty Russell
6 Corey Norman
31 Tony Gigot
8 Romain Navarrete
28 Nathan Peats
35 Daniel Alvaro
12 Dominique Peyroux
16 Joe Bretherton
13 Anthony Marion
10 Harrison Hansen
14 Eloi Pelissier
23 Justin Sangare
29 Lambert Belmas

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