Warrington CEO says rugby league has missed a trick with Super League brand

Former Sky Sports pundit Eddie Hemmings has raised his concern about the potential renaming of Super League.

Hemmings was the voice of Super League when it started back in 1996 and said on the Eddie and Stevo podcast recently:

“Two areas of concern for me, why are we thinking about rebranding? We were the original Super League, why didn’t we patent that name in 1996?”

This came as Warrington Wolves CEO Karl Fitzpatrick said that we haven’t used the name enough as a sport: “I’m a bit mixed on it, obviously there’s a lot of Super League. In fact I came across one the other day I think it was the triathlon Super League.

“There’s so many but do you know what I like about the Super League brand? It’s the S, it’s like the Superman logo. I think it looks really really cool and I think as a sport we’ve probably not utilised it enough.

“If you look at the NBA, the NFL or NHL for example, that brand is on every piece of merchandise. You cannot buy an official NFL t-shirt without having the NFL logo on there.

“I don’t think we’ve utilised that to the best of our ability”

A rebrand is a potential part of IMG’s new vision of the sport alongside their grading criteria.

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