Warrington CEO opens up on social media stick impacting his family

Warrington Wolves suffered their worst ever season in Super League history last year as they finished 11th in the league.

This saw plenty of pressure mount on the club and especially the coach Daryl Powell as well as CEO Karl Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick has been open about the abuse he received last year in the past and speaking on the Out of your League podcast, Fitzpatrick revealed that the stick he was getting was sadly seen by him family which upset him.

This came as he spoke about the “brutal” press treatment of Matt Dufty in Australia.

“What really upset me was later on in that year we bring over Matt Dufty and I brought him and his partner to mine to help him settle in. He’s chatting to me and my kids and my youngest daughter is really into rugby league and she said ‘what’s it like in Australia?’ Fitzpatrick said.

“He said about the press ‘they’re pretty brutal over there, I was a bit of a pantomime villain and I’d get hammered on social media.’ My daughter then said, ‘oh it’s not nice that, I see my dad get hammered on social media and it upsets me a little bit.’

“She’d never spoken about it since then and I hadn’t realised, it was a bit naïve of me really. I’d not really thought of that. I understand it comes with the territory but I’m a human being at the end of the day, no one likes abuse.”

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