Wakefield Trinity invite investment into club including ‘tranches of £500’

It’s the dream of most sports fans to be able to own their own team and take them to the top of the sport – and Wakefield are launching an initiative that could see fans own a share of the Super League club.

The club is set to celebrate their 150th year in 2023 and that is coinciding with the development of Belle Vue and the building of the new Be Well Support Stadium, with images of the ongoing works exciting Trinity fans.

Trinity are now making use of this redevelopment to potentially relaunch how Trinity fans can connect with their club.

“The Board and shareholders have decided this is an appropriate moment to invite interested parties to invest in the club,” the club posted on their website.

“As well as inviting those with potentially large amounts to invest, the club is intending to issue “Member shares” to supporters who may be interested in investing relatively modest amounts in tranches of £500.”

The club continued: “This may appeal to those who would like to feel a sense of ownership and be closer to the activities of the club than at present but are not seeking any voting participation or financial return and do not have a desire to take an active part in the running of the club.”

At that £500 membership rate members can enjoy a range of benefits with the most noteworthy being recorded upon a “roll of honour” displayed in the new stand, set to be ready for 2024.

Trinity are also opening the invitation to be a shareholder at larger investment price points, notably £1,000 and also £50,000 which they’ve called “owner share”.

For any information regarding the opportunities available fans should contact the club, and all the information is attached on their website.

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