Youngest head coach in Super League continues to reward Boxing Day youngsters with shirts for 2023

Wakefield Trinity have announced that shirt number 29 will be handed to Joe Law in an announcement that sees them close to rounding out their squad for the upcoming season.

The young centre impressed in the traditional Boxing Day fixture and new head coach Mark Applegarth rewards him with a squad number for his exploits.

With this announcement the squad is now closing in on 30 players with 29 shirts including their four new signings Renouf Atoni (17), Kevin Proctor (19), Samisoni Langi (21) and Morgan Smith (24) having been handed out.

The announcement follows fellow youngsters Sam Eseh (25), Dane Windrow (26), Robbie Butterworth (27) and Ellis Roberts (28) in the past few days.

Mark Applegarth as the youngest head coach in Super League, 38, will lead a very youthful side based on these latter numbers in the squad.

With the announcement of Law donning number 29 Wakefield are almost completed and their squad numbers are as follows.

Trinity will have Max Jowitt wearing number one, Jorge Taufua at two with Tom Lineham beating star youngster Lewis Murphy to the number five shirt who both beat Murphy to the shirts.

Ex-Leeds Rhinos man Corey Hall takes three with Reece Lyne, the former Hull FC centre who is celebrating a testimonial, keeps four with new signing Samisoni Langi overlooked.

Speaking of overlooking new signings, Morgan Smith missed out on six with former Huddersfield Giants halfback Lee Gaskell taking on six having worn 17 last year.

Mason Lino has kept seven whilst Eddie Battye was confirmed as keeping the number eight also ahead of Atoni.

Battye took on the eight shirt left by David Fifita who in his last season moved back to 35 last year.

Battye will now keep it again in 2023 with Jai Whitbread taking Tinirau Arona’s number 10 in 2023 whilst Liam Hood has kept nine.

Ashurst has kept 11 with Kelepi Tanginoa still at 12 and Jay Pitts at 13 all of whom have beaten new signing Kevin Proctor to their respective squad numbers.

Jordy Crowther has also kept 14 and Liam Kay has moved up to 15.

Ex-Hull FC man Josh Bowden will wear the number 16 shirt and Renouf Atoni was the first new signing to receive a shirt number at 17 and Lee Kershaw remains at 18.

New signings Kevin Proctor (19), Morgan Smith (20) and Samisoni Langi (21) all have squad numbers now whilst Rob Butler will wear number 22, young winger Lewis Murphy (23) and fellow youngster Harry Bowes wearing 24.

The most recent announcement’s of Eseh at 25, Windrow at 26, Butterworth at 27, Roberts and 28 and Law at 29 mean Wakefield are close to filling their squad out.

Here’s their confirmed squad numbers for 2023:

1 Max Jowitt
2 Jorge Taufua
3 Corey Hall
4 Reece Lyne
5 Tom Lineham
6 Lee Gaskell
7 Mason Lino
8 Eddie Battye
9 Liam Hood
10 Jai Whitbread
11 Matty Ashurst
12 Kelepi Tanginoa
13 Jay Pitts
14 Jordy Crowther
15 Liam Kay
16 Josh Bowden
17 Renouf Atoni
18 Lee Kershaw
19 Kevin Proctor
20 Morgan Smith
21 Samisoni Langi
22 Rob Butler
23 Lewis Murphy
24 Harry Bowes
25 Sam Eseh
26 Dane Windrow
27 Robbie Butterworth
28 Ellis Roberts
29 Joe Law

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