Wakefield Trinity boss Willie Poching on Tom Johnstone after he left field at half-time and why he almost didn’t play

Wakefield Trinity recorded their fourth win of the season with a 30-24 win over Salford Red Devils.

Despite leading 24-4 at half-time, Trinity scored just one try in the second-half and let in four more.

And, head coach Willie Poching is desperate to improve.

“There were some areas we wanted to focus on going into the game which I thought we did a good job of in the first-half,” Poching said.

“I was quite vocal after our last game about improvements we needed to make defensively, but second-half I was disappointed we didn’t carry on with that.

“I thought our attention to detail and our attitude was sloppy second-half and a team like Salford don’t need any invitation. they had 10 out of the first 11 sets in the second half.”

Wakefield were hit by an injury to Tom Johnstone at half-time with the winger taking a heavy knock to his back.

“I thought Tom Johnstone was outstanding in the first-half , he was our best player and we missed him the second-half but we had enough arsenal out there to pick up where we left off

“His back stiffened up, he came into the game not feeling the best.

“There were some stomach problems before hand and he was starting to get fatigued as he took a lot of long runs.

“He punched through for us and got through to half-time and we had an assessment of him and felt better for his sake to get him off.

“You have to put their welfare and health first, he landed heavily on his back.

“I think everyone knows Tom that when he goes down people thinks it’s a head knock, but he showed bravery and courage to carry on.

“He’s pretty uncomfortable now the game has finished and we will make a better assessment of him tomorrow morning.

“There aren’t too many players that can finish the try off like he did.”

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