Wakefield transfer update as new coach takes over

The sacking of Chris Chester took quite a few people by surprise.

Chester had been in charge for five-and-a-half years at Belle Vue before he received his marching orders earlier this week, with interim boss Willie Poching taking over.

And, now Poching – who played for Trinity between 2009 and 2011 – has been handed the reins knowing that recruitment is needed in order for the club to move forward.

That, however, will not be possible until next season.

“Any changes that will come into the team will need to be next season given the fact that the transfer window has closed,” Poching said.

“Hopefully I will still be assistant coach if a new person is appointed and then I will try and give my advice.

“But, we certainly need new additions and the club are down the line in talking to new targets – it’s necessary for this group that we bring in some people.”

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