Wakefield squad depleted after two positive Covid-19 tests

Wakefield head coach Chris Chester has confirmed the club have had two positive Covid-19 tests, forcing them to stand down several other players due to track and trace analysis.

Super League confirmed earlier today that two players and two non-playing members of staff across the competition had returned positive tests, with Trinity now accounting for both of the players.

It is the latest coronavirus-related blow to impact the club, and Chester says the side are even considering drastic lockdown measures in a bid to rid themselves of the virus.

“There’s been a couple of positives,” he said. “And I think probably seven or eight players that we’ve had to stand down as well off the back of that.

“So it’s been another challenging week for obvious reasons, but we’re fortunate enough that we’ve got a big squad.

“We’ve had to bring Matty Ashurst back into the fold, he’s literally just had team run today because we’re just waiting on a decision on one player who’s already tested positive in the past.

“So we just had to bring Matty Ashurst into the team. His wife’s just had a baby on Monday and he’s literally just had a team run with the lads but he’s ready to go.

“These things just keep happening and it keeps lingering. We need to have a look at what we’re doing out on the field and whether we’re doing everything to minimise the risk, and all the players obviously need to look at what they’re doing away from the club as well.

“So it’s just challenging times. We spoke today about possibly just locking ourselves down for four or five days just to try and get rid of the virus that seems to be lingering around the players at this moment in time.

“It’s hard work at the minute. You prepare for a game on the Friday, then half of your team gets pulled from beneath your feat within 24 hours.”