Belle Vue owner says Wakefield Trinity are selling tickets beyond their current rental period

Belle Vue landlord Manni Hussain claims Wakefield Trinity are selling tickets beyond their current rental period at the stadium.

Hussain says they cannot currently facilitate Trinity’s 2018 home fixtures until an agreement is reached and he has written to the club to find out their playing arrangements for next season.

Michael Carter said in February that the club would leave Belle Vue at the end of 2017 and Hussain says that there has been no contact to suggest this is no longer the case.

“I have asked the club to clarify their intentions as I am aware that they are selling tickets to fans for games at Belle Vue beyond the date the club have indicated they wish to leave the ground,” said Hussain.

“My greatest concern is for the fans, as the club have put no agreement in place and fans are paying out their hard-earned money for games that we cannot facilitate at Belle Vue – unless the club make these necessary arrangements.”

Talks on Trinity playing at the new Community Stadium collapsed last week over rental demands and the Council have today confirmed that they will develop Belle Vue anyway because of its future value to the city.

“I urge the club owners to put the fans first and sort out their playing arrangements as soon as possible, as well as reconsidering their unworkable demands for the new community stadium,” said Council deputy leader Denise Jeffrey.

“I doubt any new landlord will offer them a deal with complete control over all income streams and a rent that doesn’t cover any costs.

“It would be absolutely fantastic to have our much-loved rugby league club as tenants, and one of key drivers of the proposal we have worked hard to put together was to keep Wakefield Trinity in this City.

“But, it simply cannot work unless there is a fair, deliverable and sustainable business plan and deal in place. We are very saddened that the club owners are choosing not to have the new stadium as their home.”