Victim of latest Rugby League World Cup robbery speaks out

Yesterday there were reports from down under that the Rugby League World Cup had been struck by another robbery.

Earlier in the tournament, the Lebanon team were robbed of laptops and kit before pulling of a citizens arrest and now Channel Nine – in England covering the World Cup – were robbed in Manchester.

Their car was broken into and $20,000 worth of equipment was taken resulting in them requiring replacements from London.

Now, Channel Nine presenter and one of the victims of the robbery has spoken out about the incident speaking on Triple M radio.

She said: “Well essentially the camera cars got broken into some of the gear got stolen.

“I didn’t realise it got into the paper so I’ve been getting messages from my mum saying ‘Are you okay, have you been robbed?’ But I’m okay.

“Yeah we were in Manchester, the hotel we’re staying at it’s the carpark behind there, we’ve been parking there the whole time.

“We went to the Australian training session as we usually do and we got to the car and the windows were smashed and the stuff was gone.

“The most important stuff was fine and safe in the hotel so we’ll manage to get by and some extra bits and pieces have come up from London.

“It’s a bit of funny story, the Lebanon team were robbed just a few weeks ago.”

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