VAR shows the video referee in the NRL and Super League not as bad as people think

As the FIFA World Cup rumbles on, it is drawing comparisons to the Rugby League World Cup which concluded just eight days ago.

On Friday night, English fans compared the tournament to the 0-0 draw between USA and England which even had wheelchair hero Tom Halliwell calling it “boring” as others said it was “as dull as dishwater.”

However, another comparison has been VAR to the video referee in the NRL, Super League and the recently concluded World Cup.

Many have their problems with the video referee in rugby league which has been around much longer than the footballing equivalent and it is one of those things that will never be perfect but it is simply a case of ensuring it is as effective as possible which has been the aim of the NRL and Super League in the recent years with different methods being tried.

But in light of the controversial penalty given against Poland yesterday and amongst other controversial decisions in the FIFA World Cup, it has people counting their blessings for the video referee in rugby league when compared to VAR.

That’s the view of Australian journalist Phil Rothfield who took to the Daily Telegraph to say: “The NRL Bunker comes under some heavy criticism at times, much of it warranted. Still we shouldn’t kid ourselves that all the dud technology calls only happen in rugby league. The first week of the soccer World Cup has had a stack of controversial calls and sent social media into meltdown around the globe.”

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