Update on how Leeds’ backroom structure will look like in 2022

Richard Agar took to the media on Friday, explaining what his role will be like with Kevin Sinfield moving on at the end of the season.

Sinfield has been Director of Rugby at the Rhinos since 2016, but will be leaving following Sunday’s game against Warrington to join rugby union side Leicester Tigers.

That has left some question marks over how Leeds’ backroom will look in 2022, with head coach Agar is keen to get more involved – especially regarding the academy.

“I think the easiest way to say this is we’re working through what will happen – I’m very mindful as a head coach you are in the firing line every day but as a director of rugby you get a more holistic overview,” Agar said.

“Where the academy is concerned and their development, I’m more than happy to get more involved in that because I’m very passionate about that.

“Gary (Hetherington) is a vastly experienced operator who can assume part of that, but we need to get through to the end of this year and reassess it all at the end.

“You don’t want a head coach that is pulled too much away from the role of head coach and has his fingers in too many different pies, but we are looking behind the scenes and what will be the best way moving forward.”

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