UFC fighter opens up on how he would fare in rugby league

In 2010, Tai Tuivasa was close to a professional rugby league career.

Having played predominately rugby league throughout his youth and he was soon signed up by the Sydney Roosters in 2010.

However, he gave up the sport due to gambling but he soon got himself into a new sport.

In fact, into multiple sports fighting seven boxing matches winning five and three by knockout, 16 kickboxing matches winning 14 and ten by knockout and of course mixed martial arts.

In MMA he has gone on to be a star of UFC and even wants a shot at the Heavyweight Championship.

However, recently speaking to The Daily Mail, Tuivasa opened up on how he would fare in rugby league today.

He noted that he is much fitter than he was in the past but believes that the recent clamp down on things like contact with the head would see the former Rooster sent off plenty of times, more so than in the past.

He said: ‘I’m definitely fitter now then I was back then. I reckon I would have a good crack [if he was back playing]. Maybe the way the sport is now I’d get sent off more – I mean, I used to get sent off then too. I reckon I’d be good for 20 minutes.’

His focus is now firmly set on the UFC however and hopefully having a shot at the title.

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