Two-thirds of entire NRL squad tests positive for COVID-19

Almost two-thirds of an entire NRL squad has tested positive for COVID-19, according to the head coach himself.

Former Super League head coach and now New Zealand Warriors, Nathan Brown, has confirmed his squad is battling hard against the virus and though he couldn’t specify the exact number, revealed that it’s likely to be around the two-third mark.

“There’s still a couple that are isolating at the moment. There’s been a large chunk,” Brown told Radio New Zealand.

“Pretty much everyone in the squad that’s here at the moment are either fully vaccinated or have one shot to go which is coming shortly. We haven’t got any players to worry about that at the moment.”

Brown was, however, keen to stress that protocols are very much in place and that full training is hopeful in the very near future.

“I feel like the NRL and the Warriors have done a pretty good job. Obviously, it’s pretty scary with Covid going around but I feel like everyone has sort of accepted it now.

“We’ve had half the group tested positive already within our group, so it’s been a delayed start to the second block of our season but everyone’s all on deck now.”

Star halfback Kodi Nikorima has also outlined how most players have accepted that the virus will make its way into the game.

“In the mornings, you have to come in and do a RAT [rapid antigen test] and sit in your cars for 15 minutes and if it’s negative, then you’re allowed to leave your car but obviously you still have to wear [a mask] in and around the facilities.”

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