Two NRL stars on their way to Super League club, owner confirms

Love him or hate him, Leigh owner Derek Beaumont is an incredibly committed individual, with his passion for the Centurions never wavering.

And, he had a few words of encouragement for the Leigh faithful in what has been a difficult time.

“I can tell you we are heading in the direction of being a sustainable Super League club. This will not be deviated from whatever the landscape presents,” Beaumont said.

“I have a strong candidate for head of rugby to lead our recruitment and youth development for which we still have a strong vision.

“I have a strong general manager to set and drive standards, with an excellent track record in the game. Both cannot be announced at this time.

“There will be an announcement today of an addition to the operational board that will speak for itself.”

Beaumont also identified two new recruits from the NRL who will be joining Leigh in the very near future.

“There have been two players secured from the NRL that will be announced as soon as it’s appropriate to do so, which I had hoped would have been today.

“There will be more additions as we achieve them, and we are recruiting for next year on the basis that we are a Super League club. We will not place all our hopes on relegation being removed. I do not support that at the expense of promotion and, even if that was the case, which it isn’t, I would still invest and do everything possible to finish above 12th spot.”

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