Two NRL starlets are now in recovery over blood clot and heart issue

Rugby League mistake

With COVID-19 continuing to wreak havoc through both Super League and the NRL, testing has become paramount to ensuring that pre-season can go ahead as normal.

Unfortunately, testing has also thrown up another scary development as two Canterbury Bulldogs youngsters found out Wednesday.

After having symptoms of COVID-19, the duo underwent blood tests and an ECG – with one discovering a blood clot and the other with a minor heart issue.

Though they will both recover to full fitness, Bulldogs General Manager Phil ‘Gus’ Gould decided to share the news on his Twitter profile page: “Covid testing our junior reps @NRL_Bulldogs. Those with moderate to sever symptoms must undergo blood tests & ECG. So far 17 tests. Already revealed one youngster with blood clot & one with minor heart issue. Both treatable & will recover. But good to know. Great job by our staff.”

Gould then on went to explain just how and why the issues were picked up, stating: “We received medical advice from the NRL. We followed it.

He then went on to reveal that: “One believed to be Covid related. The other totally unrelated. Conditions that were only picked because of the testing protocol.”

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