Toronto plan to open Lamport Stadium using wearable technology

Toronto are looking to re-open their Lamport Stadium aided by the use of innovative wearable technology which enables social distancing at large scale events.

The club have partnered with tech company TraceSafe and are planning on using their iMSafe wristbands to help re-open the ground for training, games behind closed doors and, eventually, games with fans.

The wristbands act as two-way radios that enable public health functions such as contact-tracing and social distancing, as well as providing several other location-based services including guidance to seating areas and access control.

They transmit and receive signals from each other, meaning any nearby contact data can be instantaneously logged and stored, and that any social-distancing violation can be flagged up in real-time for those involved to be informed or for authority to be alerted.

The wristbands are likely to be required to be worn at all times in order to ensure public safety, while the club have clarified that there will be no privacy risks, with no personal information to be stored on them.

Similar technology has already been used in Hong Kong since March as a way of enforcing quarantine on those entering the country.

“TraceSafe products & software will greatly improve our re-opening operating procedures for Lamport Stadium by adding a verifiable, easy to use and affordable method to assist with social distancing, said Wolfpack CEP Bob Hunter. It is important that as we re-start our lives, this technology aids in re-opening stadiums, avoiding tracking apps loaded onto our mobile phones.”

James Passin, executive chairman of Blockchain Holdings, who own TraceSafe Technologies Inc., added: “We are delighted to partner with Toronto Wolfpack to work on safely reopening Lamport Stadium and bringing back rugby to Toronto.

This agreement is a testimony to the leading position of TraceSafe in the category of wearable safety tech.”

The Wolfpack will now submit their re-opening plans to the City of Toronto Department of Parks, Forestry & Recreation.

For more information on the plans, click HERE.

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