Top Championship club ban supporter after anti-social behaviour

Featherstone Rovers have always been on top of anti-social behaviour.

They have shown their proactive approach to dealing with this by releasing another stadium and banning a supporter.

The Rovers are on top of the league and are on top of this problem.

They released the following statement:

“With the club doing so well on and off the field, it is deeply disappointing that we have again received adverse comments from our supporters about the behaviour of under 16’s attending the Stadium on match days, there was a further ejection from the Stadium on Sunday which will lead to a season long ban for that person; Charlie Barnes.

“We will not tolerate any behaviour which may jeopardise the family friendly environment at our Club and we would remind all children and their parents that we will not hesitate in future in taking similar action in respect of such behaviour not just the offenders but also their responsible adults.

“Despite its obvious success, we are also keeping under review our policy of free membership for under 16s, an initiative benefiting over 1000 local juniors, the vast majority of whom are well behaved and have a genuine love and interest in the sport and the club. We don’t wish to punish the well behaved majority but these actions are costing your Club.

“Anti social behaviour, whether it be offensive or discrimintory language, or aggressive behaviour, is not welcome at this club. With excellent crowds at present, and a huge game this Saturday, we will continue to work hard to maintain the excellent experience on match days. Should any supporter during future matchdays wish to report any issues, please contact your nearest steward or report on our Tackle it email address at”