Top 5 NRL centres of 2019

5- Josh Morris

Similar to his brother, Josh Morris had a resurgence at a new club in 2019, proving to the masses that he still has what it takes to make an impact in the NRL.

4- Joseph Leilua

On the field BJ Leilua has not only proven an imposing an powerful force, but a player who improves the game of his partner on the wing Jordan Rapana.

3- Joseph Manu

Manu had a solid 2019 and really hit form towards the end of the season when it mattered most.

2- Jarrod Croker

Leadership personified, Croker was played at a high level all season and as captain set the benchmark for his side in terms of work ethic.

1- Latrell Mitchell

Quite simply ONE OF the best in the world, an amazing 2019 for his club, proving just how dangerous he is.