Tony Smith tells press “let me know if you see someone not trying”

Last night was another tough pill for Tony Smith to take as his side lost for the seventh week in a row.

Asked where Hull FC go from here, he said: “We have to go forward, we could role over and cry about it or you can get on with it and that’s what we will do and that is what professionals do when you are in a rut and have a lack of confidence or it is not going well.

“Either you give up, or you get up and start swinging. I’ll keep fighting and I will keep doing that.”

This came as he asked the press to tell him if anyone saw someone not trying as he stated that from his point of view the effort is there:

“I am pretty sure they will too. It isn’t going well for us at the moment but if you can tell me at any point where you can see someone not trying, let me know.

“We are all trying really hard at the moment and it is not easy, it is not easy to be a really good Super League team because every week you are playing against a good team and if you are off it and they are running okay.

“These guys are running okay, they have had a few glitches but have been over turning teams all yous were predicting at the start of the year to win the comp and they have beating those teams.

“So we are a bit down on our luck against a side competing at the top end and next week we go against another team everyone is saying will win the comp because they have the best team on paper.

“Another tough game. What do we do? We roll our selves up.”

He finally emphasised that point with:

“For anyone who doubts, go into that dressing room, there is pain there. They are genuinely trying really hard. Everyone is just not pulling in the same direction.”

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