Tony Smith hilariously celebrates a Six Again like a try in press conference

The Six Again rule is one of the most talked about rules in the sport these days with many coaches questioning the consistency and the reasoning behind certain Six Agains and the decision to not award others.

The rule came in back in 2020 to speed the game up which it has done and has resulted in fewer penalties.

But many coaches have expressed confusion at it in the last few seasons and last night Tony Smith really leant into this in his post match press conference as he celebrated a six again at the end of the game as if his side had scored a sensational try.

It was sarcastic of course and had everyone in the press conference chuckling.

Smith said: “We got a six again! Did you see the six again? With 35 seconds to go! Woo, get in there, yes. My team worked hard enough in the last 35 seconds to get a six again. Awesome.”

This came after his nephew and opponent last night Rohan Smith questioned the consistency of the rule.

“There’s no consistency, I watched yesterday’s game as well there were a lot a lot of flops, and second efforts and good ruck speed not being rewarded.

“If that’s how we’re going to adjudicate the game, then we will have to find another game.”

When it was said to him that his uncle Tony shares the same view, Smith explained that most coaches are confused by it and that there has been no feedback from the RFL:

“Ask him tonight and see what he thought. I’m sure all coaches could pick some that they think could be going their way, I’m not sure if any coaches can look and say that should have been, I’m up there going oh that could have been.

“I don’t know who to talk to there. They contact us, ask for feedback and you never hear back.

“That wasn’t the reason tonight. They’re generally handling the big moments where the crowd roars. But offside and the ruck is interesting.”

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