Tony Smith has his say on Hull FC fans

Despite another comprehensive defeat to Warrington Wolves, Hull FC coach Tony Smith was left amazed by the Hull FC fans.

He paid tribute to them on Channel 4:

“Absolutely, they are loyal and they were singing Old Faithful right till the end.

“We have to help ourselves and help them too, help them have something to cheer about and I thought we did a little in the second half but we didn’t earn the right to do that in the first half.”

All the damage was done today against Hull FC in the first half.

George Williams is in special form and we saw that again as kick over the top was well placed to allow speedster Matty Ashton to chase ahead and score the opening try of the game.

On the back of a dominant pack we saw Warrington play the Powell style of chancing their arm and finding an offload and that came from this time from the imperious Paul Vaughan created enough space for Peter Mata’utia to dummy over.

After good work from Greg Minikin to get the Wolves down field, a lovely George Williams kick was well taken by Ben Currie who leapt highest to produce a lovely catch and and score.

After a Hull FC error, George Williams pounced on the error, tore ahead and then found Matt Dufty in support, it was a simple case of draw the cover and feed the speedster. Once in Dufty’s hands it was a guaranteed try.

Josh Drinkwater is seen as the organiser to George Williams’ attacking threat but this try from Josh Drinkwater as he showed a lovely little dummy and some strength to tear through and score to make it 28-0.

Brad Dwyer has scored the only try of the second half.

Smith spoke on an improved second half:

“Yeah it was, when you are 28-0 down, you can’t start to do what you planned to do and we have to learn the lessons from that.

“We had a slow start last week and a slow start this week by a long shot and we have to stop doing that.

“In the second half we started to compete against one of the big teams, one of the form teams.

“Winning brings luck your way and we have to make some things happen for ourselves.

“It didn’t break them but the effort was still there in the second half. We got to keep practicing and working hard and execute some of what we are planning to do.

“We have to practice well and then put it into practice in the game rather than waiting for the sting to come out.”

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2 months ago

What about being booed off the pitch at half time? , yes very good fans

2 months ago

It won’t be to long before theyr’e calling for tour head TS so enjoy the Sea Shanties whilst ya can ha ha ha!