Tony Smith explains why Hull FC lost to Salford

Hull FC have been beaten this afternoon ending a winning run from the Black and Whites.

Tony Smith has now reflected on the defeat on OurLeague explaining what went wrong for his side.

“I thought they were slightly better, a bit more clinical and come up with a couple of big plays, you know, off kicks,” he said.

“And you know when you execute those they can be the difference sometimes. But entertaining game at Rugby League that added swings and roundabouts there and and you know the improvement in us is still there.

“I like the fact that they had to kick a couple of times to score. I thought near the end we probably lost our legs a little bit and felt like they scrambled pretty well for their tries and executed pretty well but not much between us today.

“I’ve said no we won’t be devastated, don’t like losing but like the effort that was put in by everybody.”

He also spoke about the club’s supporters:

“We know what we’re doing and I think you mentioned as well about the supporters coming on that journey with you Absolutely plenty of them there today.

“They make the fair amount of noise. They are in itself in a renown for a noisy crowd but I thought our mob Matched them there for big parts of it.

“But yeah, there was there’s some good entertaining regularly both sets of fans to support You know, we’d like to win every game that we play and, you know, and get rewarded for all the effort that you put in, but sometimes it doesn’t quite work that way.

“You’ve got to be able to execute and you’ve got to be able to, you know, remain focused and concentrate on every aspect of your job. And we had a few little lapses there that cost us. That’s all, thanks for joining us. We’ll let you get back to the troops. We’ll let you get back to the troops.”