Tony Smith calls for review on Golden Point

Tony Smith’s side were edged out by the Castleford Tigers in the Betfred Challenge Cup last time out, with the fixture bizarrely taking almost 100 minutes to complete.

This came as a result of neither team being able to break the deadlock, thus requiring up to four additional five minute periods of match play.

However, Smith has called for an investigation into this structure as he believes it will impact player welfare.

He said, “I think there needs to be some more considerations. I know you are allowed additional interchanges at the end of full-time and heading into extra-time.

“But, if you have to use them and then something happens, I think for player welfare issues that it definitely needs to be looked at, whether it is another two changes for each ten minutes, I would not argue against.

“It was tough on some of those players out there and that is putting aside the performance aspect of it.

“That is just purely on what is good for them or not.”

However, despite an exhausting and deflating evening, Smith is happy to see his squad survive in pretty good shape and is set to welcome back some of his stars.

He added, “Physically, the players are pretty good after Friday. We have a couple of bumps and bruises.

“We have managed it pretty well, in terms of the length of Friday’s game and metres run.

“We know which individuals have needed what and we are in pretty good shape considering those circumstances.

“Dean Hadley should be back in the scheme of things and maybe Matty Storton, if he gets past his assessment with a specialist later this week.

“Brad Takairangi is unlikely this week. He has not done enough top end speed work to be ready for Friday.

“If he gets through that this week then he will be fine for the following game.”

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