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Tomorrow could be a big day for Super League clubs are marquee player rule set for big change

George Williams

Rugby league is undergoing plenty of big changes at present.

And the next could focus on the marquee player rule and the changes here could begin tomorrow according to a former player on Sky Sports.

Speaking on Sky Sports recently, Jon Wells reported that in tomorrow a potential increase of the number of marquee players from two to three in squads could be considered. This would allow Super League clubs to pay higher wages to three players rather than two which will not count on the cap.

However, one of them must be British or French.

Wells reported: “Put the 10th of May in your diary. This could be a significant one as I understand that this could be when clubs are presented with changes to the number and governance of clubs’ marquee player allowances in Super League

“Including the merits of an increase from two to three under the proviso one is at least is reserved for a domestic or federation trained player in what would be a clear move to allow Super League clubs keep that top English talent and stop them going over to the NRL without directly increasing the salary cap.”

This means that tomorrow recruitment in Super League could begin to drastically change.

Ahead of this, an RFL spokesperson said to Serious About Rugby League that this rule and others are always under review so it is no surprise that this is being considered tomorrow.

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