Tom Johnstone slams government as Leeds Rhinos star also speaks out

Two Super League stars have spoken out against the latest restrictions imposed by Downing Street in the wake of the COVID-19 issue.

The latest restrictions have come in despite the government themselves allegedly breaking the law in hosting their own Christmas party last December when the millions of Britons living in the UK were told they couldn’t fraternise with people outside of their own homes.

Now, with society preparing itself for tougher times as the Omicron variant reportedly sweeps through the world, people – and sportsmen included – are speaking out against.

One of those is Wakefield Trinity star Tom Johnstone who has slammed the new government announcement.

The flying winger said: “Had enough me government can do one. The audacity to have a secret Christmas party while we were in lockdown. Then finishes his announcement with do your part. Man’s a total w*nker.”

That sentiment was shared across the board, with Leeds Rhinos star Alex Mellor also voicing his opinion:

“How are we not living with Covid this is an absolute joke how long it’s gone on. Everyone that needs/wants a vaccine has got one let’s just move on from this absolute shit show and live life as normal.”

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