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Timed Out ? Final round games should kick off at the same time

Not trying to be a killjoy here but whilst I admit we are in for a great weekend of Middle 8 rugby surely at some stage fairness has to play a part ?

As things stand with only one week to go nobody has yet secured their super league status for next season , admittedly only a strange set of results would see Leeds drop into the MPG , and we are guaranteed at least one club promoted from the Championship .
It is the dream scenario for the RFL , what they hoped for when this peculiar structure was introduced .

3 of the 4 games will be televised as Sky set the Super 8 to one side with all issues there decided .

Now don’t get me wrong it should be an exciting nail biting weekend which us neutrals will enjoy , plenty at stake and most teams having something to play for , the problem is some , through no fault of their own , will have just that extra advantage .

The clamour for live TV means the games will be televised 3 days running, surely all games should kick off at the sane time ?
With points difference more than likely to decide certain placings teams on later in the weekend will know exactly what they have to do to gain 3rd spot or a home Million Pound Game .
Leeds for example playing Friday , after Salford play Toulouse on Thursday , will know how many they can afford to lose by . Admittedly the Rhinos are more than capable of securing their Super League , but if the points difference had been closer this would have been a real advantage .
Toronto will know what kind of scoreline will keep them ahead of Toulouse , this may not be enough of course as on Sunday Hull KR , who are level on points with Toronto , will know how many points they have to beat Widnes by to snatch 3rd place .

It’s easy to see why this has been done , it should lead to some great TV , but the stakes are high .. very high in fact , for me this is more important than the Grand Final , none of the sides in next weeks Super League semis risk going to the wall if they lose .

Let’s get this right , let’s make it fair , all games on the last day should kick off at the sans time , this includes the middle and super 8 ( obviously it doesn’t really matter this time in that one ) .
We’d still have a live game Thursday ( middle 8 ) , we could have a Super 8 game Friday and the Aussie GF on Sunday . A great 3 days of Rugby , we could have 3 games televised at the same time with fans on the terraces checking scores elsewhere as we have seen in other sports , it could be just as exciting but more importantly it’d be fair to all .

Livelihoods are at stake here, let’s get this right

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