Time to give Lam another year?

The last few weeks have been a nightmare for Wigan, one of the most recognised brands in our great game worldwide.

It all began with the points deduction, which was overturned, but this led to poor form on the field, low crowds and now the Shaun Edwards debacle.

You have to feel for Adrian Lam throughout all of this, it must be hard for him to motivate his players when they know he won’t be here next season. Well it seems now he could be.

Surely, as suggested elsewhere, it’s time Wigan put out a statement saying that Edwards won’t be coming next year, he’s obviously had his head turned and whilst it’s a shame a club legend is damaging his legacy it’s time to move on.

What the club should do now is give Lam a proper contract until the end of 2020, maybe with an option for 2021.

The way the clubs form has been he may not see out this season, but that is a decision to be made based on what happens on the field, surely the club should put it right off the field.

This would allow Lam to have more of a say on how the club is being run, and ensure he is not just seen as a stop gap.

It would strengthen his position with players and fans alike as he would truly be THE boss. Lam knows the club and its fans and has the respect of the Rugby League community, it’s time to let him show the qualities he can bring to the side.

I’m not saying he’s the answer going forward but at least this gives him the chance to show us, he is on a hiding to nothing at the moment.

The club just seems to go from one car crash to another, but maybe doing this may just start to turn things around, Wigan have been let down by one club legend, it’s time the club¬†gave another the chance to make things right.

This isn’t based on his performance so far, more putting right the wrongs of a contract that made him a Lam to the slaughter, if he doesn’t perform they can sack him.