“Time for Powell to clean his locker” as Castleford fans in uproar following derby thrashing

It was one of the most bizarre results of the season so far, but it’s safe to say that Leeds’ 60-6 demolition of Castleford had people talking all over social media. But what was the reaction, especially amongst Castleford supporters?

One fan claimed the Tigers had been getting gradually worse since Daryl Powell announced he was leaving for Warrington at the end of the season.

Another even claimed Powell had “lost the plot”.

Another supporter almost went through a full dictionary to describe the performance.

One fan felt really let down being a Tigers season ticket holder.

Another highlighted that problems must be going on behind the scenes.

Another called for quick action to be taken.

Another called on the players to take responsibility.

A Castleford fan also brought up that the players were quiet on social media the day after.

On the flipside, Leeds fans were loving it. This one in particular called to play Castleford “every week”.

Pride was the main feeling amongst the Rhinos supporters.

Another highlighted the fact that such a performance had been absent all year.

One supporter pointed to how good the rugby produced by Leeds had been.

One even had a bit of fun in pointing to the six conceded.

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