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Throwback: Marwan Koukash and Derek Beaumont battle over Gareth Hock on Judge Rinder

It’s over three years ago now since we witnessed a slightly surreal situation on prime daytime TV between two former Super League owners.

Marwan Koukash and Derek Beaumont went to battle on the popular ITV show Judge Rinder to settle a dispute over a £5,000 payment involving Gareth Hock.

Their appearance on Judge Rinder split opinion at the time, with many rugby league fans feeling slightly embarrassed by the whole episode.

Koukash and Beaumont maintained afterwards that it would help publicise the sport, although both admitted that they remained friends and there was no malice involved.

Watch below as Judge Rinder has the final say on the matter before the two argue about the result of the case, with Marwan accusing Derek of lying in court.

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