Three names IMG could consider if they ditch Super League

When IMG presented their ideas for their re-imagining of rugby league to the clubs, it was suggested that as part of them the name Super League could become a thing of the past having been at the heart of rugby league for the 26 years.

After this, it was reported by Rugby League Live that this was becoming more of a possibility so here is three names IMG could consider for the future of rugby league.

The Premiership
The Premiership is a common name used in football and rugby union. Meanwhile, it has previously had a place in rugby league even during Super League before being replaced by the Grand Final. It is a strong name but would have problems as it is already a common name in other sports.

The Rugby League
Nice and simple, and ensures that the sport is front and centre when it comes to its new marketing and getting the sport into the public consciousness. However, it might be a bit too simple and difficult to catch the eye.

Building on the NRL’s name, this would be another simple and effective name it could have a clear selling point of it being a European competition though this is something IMG don’t seem interested in making a central part of their new era with a focus on domestic sides.

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